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Mohair Lace SHAWL with Ostrich Feathers

Mohair Lace SHAWL with Ostrich Feathers

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This stunning and unique lace knit shawl adds a dash of drama to any outfit. Made from Mohair with Ostrich feather trim.   A full 6 ply ostrich feather boa is affixed to the mohair shawl.  Warm and super luxurious.  Turns any little black dress into a dramatic outfit! Wear it with jeans for a dash fun color.  

Perfect for weddings and special occasions, or just because you want to feel fabulous.

Mohair & feathers also available in Shawl, Poncho and Cape and scarf styles.

82 x 30 inches.

Hand wash or dry clean.

All handmade in South Africa using Fair Trade principles.  Our feathers, leathers and hides are all sustainably farmed and ethically processed.