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The Yumi in Printed hide

The Yumi in Printed hide

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This delightful mini bag with a metal and Ostrich Leather handles is the perfect addition to your outfit.

Interior - The Yumi fully lined with suede leather.  The top closes with a hidden snap close magnet.

Suede lining matched the handle accent.  Available in black, turquoise, hot pink, and tan.


Care instructions.

Leather should be kept dry, free of waters, oils and products.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or florescent lite may alter the colour of the leather.

Gently wipe the printed hide with a damp cloth, if needed.

Abrasive use may cause hair loss and damage the leather.

Store by hanging the bag in a cool dark setting, or placing the bag in the dust bag provided PLEASE DO NOT PUSH AGAINST THE HAIR GRAIN WHEN INSERTING INTO THE DUST BAG.

About Printed hide.

Printed bovine, commonly known as cowhide, is created by stencilling the wild animal print onto the leather. Bovine are farmed animals, and the leather is a by-product of meat production. All our animals are obtained from legal suppliers, and tanned to international specifications as set by the European Union. Azo dyes and Chromium content are regulated, and our tanners have environmental certifications.

About our Manufacturing process.

Rarity agrees with and practices the ten principles of Fair Trade as outlined by the Fair Trade governing body. Our Artisans are all paid full benefits’, including Sick leave, maternity leave, Year-end bonuses and paid annual leave. Freedom of association is practised in our factory, as well as an independently elected worker reprehensive. Rarity does not employ children, nor does if the source from any supplier who does not adhere to this principle. All our suppliers are required to have environmental policies or certifications in place. All our artisans are permanently employed and are paid a fair wage in full and on time. All artisans have access to Savings with above-average interest.