Mini Springbok Hide Purse

Mini Springbok Hide Purse

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This handy and versatile purse has a full Springbok front, with a leather back body.  It is partially lined with suede leather and closes with a metal zip and has a leather tassel puller.  It has a long fashionable black & white striped shoulder or cross body strap, which can be removed to create a clutch.

Available in an array of colors. 

Size - 9 x 7 inches, the perfect night-out and run-around size.

Care instructions - Leather should be kept dry, free of waters, oils and products.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or florescent lite may alter the color of the leather.  Gently wipe the springbok hide with a damp cloth, if needed.  Abrasive use may cause hair loss and damage the leather.

About Springbok leather - Springbok is a Natural resource, found in abundance in Africa. Springbok animals roam freely on farms in Africa, but due to the limited natural resources in most areas, the Springbok population needs to be controlled via animal control programs. All our animals are obtained from legal suppliers, and tanned to international specifications as set by the European Union. Azo dyes and Chromium content are regulated, and our tanners have environmental certifications.