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Detachable Ostrich Feather CUFF

Detachable Ostrich Feather CUFF

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OSTRICH Feather wrist or ankle cuffs. Can be worn over a coat, sweater, dress, at the bottom of your pants or on their own.

Each cuff has 2 sets of press studs which gives you different sizing options, depending on the size of your wrists/ankles and also the fabric you are putting them over. Connect 2 of them together to become a neck feather collar.

Thick and luxurious, made with genuine ostrich feathers and lined with marabou to keep the cuff soft against your skin.

1 cuff per image.  Each cuff is sold separately, buy 2 for a pair.

KOLUNTU products are all handmade in Cape Town, South Africa using Fair Trade principles. Our feathers and leathers are sustainably farmed as well as ethically and environmentally-friendly processed.