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Who Makes Our Products


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Who makes our KAROO ANGELS?

There is an Angel Factory in the Karoo...

The surrounding semi-desert landscape is arid, stark and striking - endless dry plains, mountains and scrublands. But here you will find angels... Unique African angels, skillfully crafted by hand, pure as the crystal-clear air that surrounds the Vondeling and Rietbron crafters who make them.  Buy Karoo Angels here     

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Who makes our Ostrich Feather and Sprinkbok Handbags?

These gorgeous handbags are made at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape town.  One of the first design studios of its kind to use the concept of up cycling repurposed materials.  Motivated to minimize the wastefulness of unused hides from Animal control programs, we created a full collection of Springbok handbags.  Beautiful designs crafted to show the material in its splendor.  A love of indigenous materials sourced locally and made by the hands of our country evolved into materials such as Ostrich shin and Ostrich feather.  Respect, integrity, accountability, sustainability are the cornerstones of our philosophy, and make the Rarity studio a place where magic happens, because of the people behind the brand.  Buy these fantastic handbags here



Who makes our Ostrich Feather Earrings?

Who Makes our Ostrich Leather goods?

Who makes our Mohair products?